Wellness Library

Past issues of the Wellness Newsletter.

Merritt Wellness Newsletter April 2015 Wellness Program Update, Metabolic Syndrome Prevelence, Upcoming 2015 Events
Merritt Wellness Newsletter October 2014 Work-Life Services Available; Merritt's Employee Assistance Program; Access to Interactive Online Tools; EAP Key Features; LifeMart; Sleep; Improve Sleep; 
Merritt Wellness Newsletter August 2014 Merritt's Employee Assistance Program; Breif Counseling; Magellan Health; Employee spotlight; Mike Passarello; ALIVE; A.L.I.V.E.; FitBit Step and Sleep Challenge; Raven's Gear give-away; EAP
Merritt Wellness Newsletter May 2014 Reduce Stress by Getting Active Outside; Track It: new apps and digital fitness products can help your workouts; pumatrac; runtastic adventure app; pure move iphone armband; milestone fitness tracker; southwestern salad with black beans; tomato slicing trick; kitchen tip; Merritt's Employee Assistance Program; life challenges; legal and financial consultations; 2014 Wellness Program update; EAP
Merritt Wellness Newsletter March 2014 10 Everyday Superfoods; Berries; Beans; Nuts; Eggs; Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies; Quick Fire; Oranges; Spinach; Broccoli; Tea; Yogurt; Sweet Potatoes
Merritt Wellness Newsletter February 2014 No Time for Fitness; Chili and Soup Cook Off; Resolve To; Exercise More; Motivation; Daily Workouts; Terrapin Adventures
Merritt Wellness Newsletter January 2014 New Year, New You; Realistic Achievable Goals for Yourself; Change One Behavior; Keep Trying; Don’t Beat Yourself Up; Enjoy the Journey; Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich; 
Merritt Wellness Newsletter December 2013

Living Healthier: Ready to change your habits; Motivated; Distractions; Emotional Issues; Accountability; Terrapin Adventures, Push-up Challenge; Nutritionist Diana Sugiuchi

Merritt Wellness Newsletter November 2013 5 Steps for Eating Smart When You Dine Out; Dark Salad; Side dishes; Plan Ahead; Split Entrees; Plan Ahead; Unsweetened Drinks; Kick Your Squats Up by Adding Bicep Curls; Merritt Wellness Program Recap; Onsite Nutrition Coaching; Solving a Problem; Looking Ahead
Merritt Wellness Newsletter October 2013 Eight tips for Aging Well; Healthy Aging; Healthcare Priority; Manage Stress; Sunglasses; Sunscreen; 30 Day Squat Challenge
Merritt Wellness Newsletter September 2013 Immunity Boosters: Protect Your Body from Illness; Sleep; Cooper Clinic; Eat Right; Exercise; Walks and Rides
Merritt Wellness Newsletter August 2013 Fighting the Silent Killer; Exercise is Medicine; High Blood Pressure
Merritt Wellness Newsletter July 2013 What You Need to Know about Avoiding Food Chemicals; Read Food Labels; Trim the Fat; Stay Away from BPA
Merritt Wellness Newsletter June 2013 Healthy Food is Better Deal; Plan Ahead; Get the Best Price; Buy in Bulk; Buy in Season; Mood and Food; Feeling Stressed; Healthy Behaviors; Need Help Solving a Problem
Merritt Wellness Newsletter May 2013 Simple Steps to a Greener Diet; Dirty Dozen; American diet; Slow Food; Buy Organic; On-site Nutrition Consultation; Telephonic Coaching; Using Technology for Health
Merritt Wellness Newsletter April 18, 2013 Top Five Aerobic Exercises; Cross Country Skiing; Swimming; Outdoor Cycling; Running or Jogging; Embark on Your Aerobics Journey; Walking; On-site Nutrition Consultations; Using Technology for Health
Merritt Wellness Newsletter April 2013 Lost and Found; Weight Management Challenge; Healthy Behaviors; Fitting in Fitness Webinar; Biometric Screening; Merritt Family Picnic; Social Media
Merritt Wellness Newsletter March 2013 Setting SMART Goals; Wellness Program; ADA Compliance; Cooper Aerobics; Premium Incentive; Telephonic Coaching; Using Technology for Health
Merritt Wellness Newsletter February 2013 Merritt Wellness Program; Metabolic Syndrome; Triglycerides; Blood Pressure; Cholesterol; Using Technology for Health
Merritt Wellness Newsletter November 2012 Lung Cancer Awareness Month; Wellness Spotlight; Great Life Lesson; Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee; Wear Gray Day; Diabetes Awareness Month; When I is replaced with We; Setting Goals; Antibiotic Resistance; Baja Butternut Squash Soup; Angel Trees; 8 Tips to Beat Holiday Stress; Diabetes and Your Eyes; Diabetic retinopathy; cataract; glaucoma
Merritt Wellness Newsletter October 2012 Keys to Wellness; Benefits of an Apple; Trainer spotlight Kelly Whalen
Merritt Wellness Newsletter September 2012 Heart Disease; Eat the Rainbow; More Matters Month; World Heart Day and Family Fitness Day; Welcome to Merritt Sharesite; The Price is Right; Merritt Marketplace; Brain Fuel: Healthy School Lunches; Staying Fit Together; Put a Healthy Spin on a Food Favorite; Cauliflower Pizza Crust; Creamy Spinache Dip; What is Wellness; Todd Whitthorne; Heart Disease
Merritt Wellness Newsletter July 2012 Colon Health: Who's Checking Out Your Butt; High Blood Pressure: Testing and Diagnosis; Eat to Live and Live to Eat; Merritt Marketplace; Lemon Water; Shield Your Eyes from Ultraviolet Protection
Merritt Wellness Newsletter June 2012 Super Veggies: Cruciferous Vegetables; Water Does a Body Good; Building Healthy Families; Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure
Merritt Wellness Newsletter May 2012 Don't Fry Day; Heat Hazzards; National High Blood Pressure Education Month; Make Your Health Your Priority; Heat Disorder
Merritt Wellness Newsletter April 2012 The Dangers of Distracted Driving; The Joe Dillon Difference; Smoking Cessation Classes; Sports Safety Checklist
Merritt Wellness Newsletter March 2012 Get the Preventive Medical Tests You Need; 28-Day Heart Disease Prevention Plan
Merritt Wellness Newsletter September 2011 Cancer Awareness and Prevention
Merritt Wellness Newsletter September 2010 Fitness Goals Do's and Don'ts; Chicken Pasta with Spicy Garlic Dressing; Halloween Safety Tips; Priorities May Drive Happiness; Poster Contest
Merritt Wellness Newsletter August 2010 Why Can't I Lose Weight; Make Ahead Breakfast; Tips for including alcholo in a healthy lifestyle; truth about spit tobacco
Merritt Wellness Newsletter July 2010 Lyme's Disease; Lemon Chicken with Broccoli