Wellness Challenges

2015 Body Fat Percentage Challenge

2015 Body Fat Percentage Challenge At our recent company update meeting, we mentioned our upcoming 2015 Body Fat Percentage Challenge and as promised at the meeting here are the details.

• Kick-off Meeting will be held January 8th from 2pm to 3pm in the Merritt Training room. During this time you will receive additional information about the challenge as well as tips on eating better. See Tracy now to sign up.

• After the Kick-off Meeting, participants would meet with Wendy, the nutritionist to set a healthy goal to meet at the end of the 6-month challenge based on your current body fat percentage. You can either use your results from the Bod Pod or Wendy will measure it using a hand held body fat analyzer.

• At the end of the challenge (in June) you will meet with Wendy again to see if you meet your goal. We will be having the Bod Pod back again so you if you used it to set your goal in January, you will need to use it again see if you met your goal. If you used the hand held body fat analyzer in January, you will need to use that again to see if you met your goal.

• Those that meet their goal will receive a $350 gift card, plus they will be entered into a drawing for a week vacation at the Merritt condo at the Avalon in Ocean City, Maryland.

• If it is determined at the January meeting that you already have a healthy body fat percentage then you will just need to maintain this in order to qualify for $350 gift card and entry into the drawing.


30-Day QuickFire Challenges

Sept 1-30 Resistance Band Workout
Second QuickFire Challenge will feature a workout anyone can do anywhere using resistance bands. Details will follow closer to the Challenge date.